Tour Group at Los Milagros Hotel

We had a surprise visit from a Harley Davidson motorcycle group from the Czech Republic, a total of 10 adults and 1 child. They started their trip of the western United States in Las Vegas and will end their tour there as well. They flew into Las Vegas where the tour operator Rudolf maintains a fleet of Harley’s they rent for the tour. When they arrived here they had been traveling for 2 weeks on a 4 week ride. They had a total of 4 motorcycles and a big, beautiful suburban to haul all the luggage and extra gear,

They had not been to Mexico before so we loaded up in our cars and headed to the border. I did not have my tour van available so we parked on the United States side and walked across. We went to Casa Mexicana a new restaurant on the Plaza in Palomas, Mexico. The Plaza is just 2 blocks south of the border and very picturesque with the Catholic church fronting the Plaza as well. After eating combination plates that included enchiladas, chimichangas,  refried beans and rice they decided to break out a bottle of tequila and sample the liquor of Mexico.

We arrived back to the Hotel around 9 where the group made use of our patio area to enjoy the warm evening in Columbus, New Mexico. The group got up around 8 the next morning. Had breakfast in our dining room. They made themselves toast with jelly, yogurt, coffee and cereal. About 9 they were ready to take off. They were headed to Bisbee and Tombstone by way of New Mexico State Highway 9.

We are blessed to have guests from all over the world. Besides this group from the Czech Republic we have had guests just this year alone from Japan, Denmark, Australia, England, Holland, Germany and New Zealand. Please visit our website at <> to schedule your reservation.